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Dependable Allies.

Kurt K. Chang & Associates, LLC. is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance and quality legal representations to individuals, families, and businesses. We specialize in the immigration of highly skilled workers and U.S. corporate investment. While our primary focus is U.S. Immigration Law, we also have experienced professionals well versed in Family Law and Real Estate Law. Our team is comprised of highly educated lawyers who are devoted to guiding each client to their goals as quickly and easily as possible.


At Kurt K. Chang & Associates, our professionals are results driven and believe we are only successful if our clients are successful. Our immigration law practice covers all aspects of U.S. Immigration law, ranging from non-Immigration visa petition (H-1B, L-1, etc.), change of non-immigration status to U.S. Nationality and Citizenship representation, and deportation matters. Whether it's individuals, families, small businesses, or corporations, our clients get individual attention from our professionals for each of their unique needs. We also represent international students and educational institutions with legal questions regarding school placements, job sponsorship, and transfers.


We represent both international and domestic investors and corporations regarding their business investment in the U.S. Whether it is incorporation and forming a business entity, internal and external contract formation and negotiation, business strategy development, U.S. immigration matters, or in-house counsel services, we strive to give each client top-notch professional legal advice and support to help them achieve their goals.


Our professionals also frequently work with clients on the family law matters, ranging from the prenuptial agreement, divorce agreement, annulment, property settlements, alimony, child custody and visitation right to wills and estate planning. Our team of professionals also work with the client on injury-related claims. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, we help our clients find the justice they deserve. 


We partner with multinational businesses and corporations, professionals, agencies, and institutions worldwide to provide our clients with the best possible service and to ensure that the service is tailored to meet their individual needs.

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