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Citizens of a foreign country (“Alien”) who seek to enter the U.S. temporarily for travel, study, or other legitimate personal or business related matters generally must first obtain a visa from a U.S. consulate. However, most Aliens from visa waiver program participating countries are allowed to enter the U.S for less than 90 days without first obtaining a visa.


Upon Arrival, Alien must maintain his or her non-immigration status and fulfill the promise to the U.S consulate where he or she obtained the visa. Alien may be allowed to change his or her non-immigration status after 60 days of entering the U.S.

Kurt K Chang & Associates, LLC. has been successful for many years in obtaining: 

  • Non-Immigration visa petition at the United States consulate;

  • Change of Non-Immigration visa status;

  • Obtain Non-Immigration status in the United States ;

  • Extend Non-Immigration visa.

Please contact us should you need any assistance.

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